Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Duluth News-Tribune is Wrong OR Why Forrum Communications Cannot be Trusted

I was reading my hometown paper just now and they are saying that Northland Dems dissed Franken. In it, they posit that the Northland didn’t deliver for Franken and that Barkley played spoiler. They also say that if just 600 more people would have voted for Franken, everything would be different. I disagree with their assesment.

The DNT suggests that because 77% of St. Louis County went for Obama and only 55% went for Franken that Franken failed. Comparing Obama to Franken is like comparing a Ferrari to a Yugo. No way is this an apples-to-apples comparison. Franken’s campaign never really got its shit together and is lucky to be where they are now. As the Degausser showed yesterday, he still managed to destroy Coleman in the Northland. This shouldn’t have happened and it is more a testament to people hating Coleman more than liking Franken.

If the DNT wants to blame somebody, which is retarded because Coleman shouldn’t have made it such a close race, they should blame Hennepin or Ramsey County voters. They voted less for Franken, had less turnout, and have a higher concentration of voters. There were more opportunities to win in the Metro-Area than in the Northland. Franken didn’t pull it out, even in a heavy DFL/Dem year.

If Ciresi was the DFL Senate candidate, he would have pulled more votes up North and probably would have won the election outright.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this article in the DNT is Forrum Communication’s way of saying that the Northland is moving more into a Republican/Independent mindedness. This has been Forrum Communication’s stated mission for the newspaper ever since they took control of it. Forrum Communications endorsed Coleman and owns 22 papers in MN. Moreover, their endorsement was made on the basis of one man’s (Steve McLister) opinion and forced onto the opinion pages of all affiliates. Could it be that Forrum Communication’s endorsement swayed enough voters for Coleman? Instead of blaming the Northland, the DNT should look at their own.

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